Style and safety tips during Guy Fawke’s Night

November 02, 2014

Remember, remember the fifth of November...

We love fireworks night for the warming, roaring bonfire, culminating in the exciting display of  fireworks exploding in the night sky as smoke drifts across our view. It’s our favourite autumn celebration!

It’s also usually a damp cold night so wrap up warm with our top style picks to keep you cosy and dry on the night. Whether you're pregnant or breastfeeding our nursing dresses are perfect for layering.  Wear them with cosy pair of tights, scarf, hat and mittens with a long line cardigan and toasty coat. A gorgeous pair of wellies will keep you both warm and dry for tramping through the muddy pitch. 

Safety during a fireworks displays at home
Always buy fireworks from a licensed retailer and only those which have the British Standard BS 7114 written on the packaging. Don’t buy any fireworks with damaged packets.

Ensure the fireworks you buy are suitable for the area in which they are being set off. Read the labels carefully.

Only one person should be responsible for the fireworks display and remain in a sober condition throughout. Any preparations should be made in advance during daylight hours paying close attention to safe distances for launching fireworks from the onlookers.

Preparations should include:
A torch
A bucket of sand or soft earth for sticking used sparklers into
Buckets of water
Protective gloves and eyewear
Suitable launchers or stands for catherine wheels and rockets

Keep fireworks in a metal box until they are needed.

Do not carry fireworks in your pocket or throw them.

Keep pets indoors and follow advice from RSPCA for keeping animals & pets safe and secure 

Always keep a safe distance away from the fireworks and remain at arms length away and use a taper when lighting.

Never go near a firework that has been lit even if it fails to go off. It could explode at any moment.

At the end of the display, use gloved hands or tongs to collect all spent fireworks. 

Always keep children supervised at a firework display and ensure they have clear boundaries as to where they should observe from, preferably from behind a barrier.

Fireworks can be deafening and frightening to little children & babies so you may wish to buy them a pair of protective ear defenders. Many colours are available and most are suitable from 3 months. 

Only give sparklers to children over 5 years old and supervise them closely to avoid burns.

Always hold sparklers with gloved hands at arms length.

Always put spent sparklers into a bucket of sand or earth.

Bonfires should be approximately 60ft away from any houses, outbuildings, trees or shrubbery.

Check bonfires for hedgehogs or other wildlife which may be hiding within before lighting. RSPB provide more advice for safe guarding wildlife during bonfire night 

Only use domestic firelighters for lighting a bonfire.

Reminders in an emergency from Child Accident Prevention Trust

Cool any burns immediately with cold water. Keep the burn under the running water for at least 10 minutes.

Don’t touch the burn or pull at any clothing that might be stuck to it.

Cling film is an ideal cover for the burn to stop any infection getting into it. If you don’t have cling film then any clean, non-fluffy material will help.

If someone’s clothing catches on fire, get them to stop and drop to the ground and roll them any heavy material (like a curtain).

Get advice from a doctor, the A&E department at your local hospital, or NHS Direct. 0845 4647 (England and Wales); NHS 24 08454 242424 (Scotland).

Get medical advice for any burn on a child larger than a postage stamp.

If the burn involves a child’s face, hands, feet, joints or genitals, it should be seen by a doctor.



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