Celebrating Easter with Tots

March 27, 2015

Easter with our designerA special peak at what Easter has in store for our designer Charlotte, mother of 2 breastfed children. 

"In this house, we all get rather excited about Easter in anticipation of Easter Bunny's visit. One of my all time favourites is watching the kids hunt eggs and seeing them squeal in delight as they pop them into their felt collecting baskets, their little feet doing a happy dance on the spot! We started Easter Egg Hunts as soon as the children were up on their wobbly pins. It's a good way to fill the house with laughter first thing in the morning. These are three other things we do to celebrate.

Easter Blossom Tree

We like to lop off a branch of blossom from the apple or pear tree for displaying centre table. We then decorate it with a selection of handmade & shop bought birds and eggs. 

Easter Chick Butter Biscuits

We love making these chick & bunny butter biscuits decorated simply with sprinkles. 

170g Butter
255g Self Raising Flour
140g Golden Caster Sugar
1       Medium Egg
1       Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1/2    Teaspoon Baking Powder
Mix butter and flour together
Add sugar and egg and mix until it forms a dough. 
Chill in the fridge whilst you grease some baking trays or prepare some trays with greaseproof paper
Roll out the dough to 1cm on a floured surface
Cut into shapes and place on baking tray/sheets
Bake on 180'C for 8-10 mins until very light golden. 
Once cool, drizzle some sugar icing and cover with sprinkles!

Easter Crafts

And there's usually some level of Easter arty crafty on the go! Last year we made a collage style Easter Chick Garland which just looks superb! Ours are quite small but if you'd like to create your own with your tiny tot, start with a larger chick shape & use larger pieces to stick on. 

Whether you're at home with a preschooler or simply want to add a little Easter cheer to your home, here's a guide for making your own Easter Garland.

How to make a chick garland:
You will need: thick paper or card, sharp pencil, scissors, chick biscuit cutter or chick stencil, glue stick, sticky tape, long length of raffia ribbon and lots of tiny bits of arty crafty stuff. We used things like felt, wrapping paper, feathers, sequins, googly eyes, wool, lace, ribbon, paper flowers, shredded paper and stickers. 

1. Trace around a chick stencil or biscuit/cookie cutter onto card.

2. Cut out the chicks carefully

3. Colour the chick in or cover in coloured tissue.

4. Glue shreds of tissue & crafty bits onto your cut-out chicks. There’s no right or wrong to this part and no need to be precious. If there are overhanging bits, simply turn the chick upside down and trim round the edges.

5. Repeat as many times as you wish.

6. Lay your completed chicks in a line with roughly 2 inches between each.

7. Cut a piece of raffia ribbon to the length of your line of chicks. If you want to have a bow in each end, tie a bow before trimming to desired length. Alternatively you can make a loop and hang them individually on your Easter Tree!

8. Use sticky tape or glue dots to secure the chicks to the raffia tape.

Happy Easter! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! "


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