Mum's Wellbeing

May 22, 2015

Mum's Wellbeing

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Becoming  a mother is one of the most life changing experiences you'll ever have. No two accounts of the journey of motherhood are the same yet no story is of lesser value.

Your new path is as individual as yourself and the little people you bring up in this world.

Your roles in life will change, adapt, expand, consume, challenge & reward you in ways you never thought possible. You will learn new levels of acceptance and patience as your children's needs supersede your own. And experience unparalleled happiness and sadness as you face life together.

Whilst it's all too easy to sideline your own wellbeing when you're busy raising a family, your happiness is paramount to maintaining a healthy synergy at home. 

Here are a few suggestions for looking after your mind, body & spirit as you learn to balance your roles as wife, mother and woman whilst nurturing your young.

1. Me time
Indulge in low key pursuits which stimulate your mind and feed the soul. Reading, playing a musical instrument, drawing, sewing or completing a Sudoku puzzle are all good options when you’ve only got 20-30 mins to spare. 

2. Healthy relationships
Even if you and your spouse are exhausted by the trials of parenthood, don't let the new arrival’s needs eclipse your own as a couple. Happy, healthy relationships thrive on spending time together so ensure you plan some activities you can enjoy together that fit in with your new lifestyle. 

3. Increase your body confidence
Be proactive about increasing your body confidence but don’t stress about losing any extra pounds whilst nursing. Instead of focusing on weight loss, choose some flattering nursing clothes and some gorgeous accessories that can boost your self esteem whilst giving your body a much needed chance to recover and reshape. Our Pinterest boards offer some good styling advice. It shouldn’t matter if your hips have stretch marks or your tummy is not so taught as it used to be. In time, with time, you can improve on what you perceive as imperfections.  More importantly, your body does not define you, it’s who you are in spirit that counts.

4. Exercise
Boost depleted energy levels by taking regular exercise. Choose something that suits your temperament whether its buggy circuits, ballet, running or swimming. Go as often as you can but at least once a week. Quite a few places run fitness classes where you can take your baby along, otherwise enjoy some guilt free ‘me time’ when your spouse or parents can look after baby for an hour. Failing that, a brisk daily walk in the park with the pushchair will do it!

5. Get more sleep
You should be aiming to have between 6-8 hours sleep a night but with a new baby, it’s not exactly something you can rely on achieving. If possible, share the night time responsibilities with your partner so you both get a stretch of good sleep. Alternatively, take the opportunity to nap during the day when your baby does - the restorative benefits of a nap will far outweigh the benefit of having put the laundry away. 

6. To-do lists
Writing a to-do-list is a good way of emptying your mind so that you can enjoy life without fretting or being overwhelmed. Crossing things off as you achieve them is very satisfying but don't be disheartened if things take much longer these days with a baby in tow! Keep the list somewhere easy to find and prioritise items that need attending to first. Writing any remaining chores or anxieties down at the end of the day will aid restful sleep.

7. Avoid isolation
Having a social life is important to your well being even for the most introverted of us. If you’re restricted by your baby’s breastfeeding or sleep routines, then invite friends and family over for a catch up. Don’t try to be the 'hostess with the mostest', simply enjoy each other’s company. Otherwise revitalise your spirit by connecting with the outside world through mummy/baby groups or a walk in the park to connect with nature. 

8. Relax
Slow down and relax into the slower pace of life where your priorities need only revolve around yours and your baby’s well being. Develop acceptance & patience. Set a new bar for measuring achievements. Let go of all the pressures that don't need your attention. Breathe, meditate, relax and redefine. Make sure you are part of the equation when looking after your family and above all, allow yourself to be happy.


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